Our Quick Clip muzzles are designed with fully integrated oxygen tubing and connector allowing expedient O2 care. Be it trauma, heat injury, or an unknown cause where oxygen is critical, this lightweight and collapsable body allows muzzle to fit in any pocket for easy access.


K9 Oxygen Delivery . . .


K9 Quick Clip Oxygen Delivery

 Muzzle Story

 Thomas K. Barrett, Jr, Founder

Thomas Barrett’s background includes 12 years as a Paramedic and K9 Medic Instructor and has worked with SAR, Military and LE organizations to address emergencies with their K9 partners in the field. He noticed an important subject was being overlooked, oxygen delivery. A faster and efficient method of delivery was needed, especially in volatile environments. The vision for the Quick Clip 02 was born. Now you can be confident when your canine partner needs oxygen. The Quick Clip 02 Muzzle could be the difference in the outcome. Thomas’ passion to save and serve the K9 community runs deep and he is thrilled to present the 1st Generation

of the Barrett Quick Clip 02 Muzzle.


Team of Development:

Thomas K. Barrett, Jr.


Garrett Container Systems, Inc




Barrett O2 Muzzles


(804) 306-6899


Our Quick Clip option is made to attach over your K9's 

existing muzzle. The patented design allows for oxygen therapy while your dog stays safely muzzled. The durable clips hold the device firmly in place allowing the oxygen to flow hands free.Made of medical mesh, 

fiber nylon adjustable straps with durable plastic clips and fully integrated tubing.

The external O2 connector is made to withstand

rigorous environments. All that is needed is an oxygen source. Included in the kit will be 3 feet of standard tubing which hooks up to most EMS and portable O2 bottles.

Our Research and Development team are finishing up the Full Body Harness which will allow different configurations for the K9 to carry its own oxygen. 

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